Ups and Downs

On the heels of yesterdays great cardio workout, I opted not to take the day off today. Since I alternate cardio, weights and yoga, today was a weight routine. I did my short cardio warmup and was feeling really good as I walked to the bench press. Probably feeling a little high from Sunday's compliment from a fellow gym rat.

Second rep... second set...pop goes my shoulder.

We'll see in a few days how serious the injury is to my deltoid. Hurts like hell for now and I can't lift my arm in front of me or over my head. It doesn't stop all forms of workouts, but there won't be any chest or shoulder lifts for a couple of weeks. Worst of all...probably no full scale yoga either. Injuries are not new to me...not in the least...but the momentum kill BITES.

My ice bag is prepped and ready to new constant companion.