Latin Buddhism

I came to the end of my day on Saturday feeling exhausted. I opted for an early bedtime (for a Saturday) of about 10:30. As I lay down I could hear the neighbor's party several houses away. They had a live band playing some really good traditional Latin music. I quickly became annoyed. How dare they?!!

This is a residential area. It's past 10:30. The people next to them must be beside themselves. I lay there in this tizzy of mine for about 5 minutes.

And then I thought...

Why am I upset? It's Saturday night after all. The music wasn't loud enough to keep me awake. How do I know their neighbors are annoyed? They might be at the party too. As I examined my own emotion, I realized there was no reason to be annoyed. I created the reason not my neighbor. I became attached to what I decided was a justifiable negative reaction. What's wrong with a bit of good music in the distance to "sing" me to sleep? I let go.

Honestly I couldn't tell you how late they continued to play.

I fell asleep within seconds of letting go.