My Head's a Swimmin'

I feel like I should post, but have so many divergent thoughts that I seem unable to collect them in any real coherent manner. So much is going on I don't know what to pick and choose.

Euna and Laura made a short video to say thank you to all who were rallying for their release. It was very sweet of them to do so at a time that has to still be so very difficult for them. They are truly the lucky ones. So many brave journalists never make it home.

The disruptions at the townhall on meetings that have grown from disgusting to shameful to downright dangerous have me wondering if all the brains have left the Republican Party. Don't get me ranting on Sarah Palin and the "Death Panels". This is important and why some people want to disrupt the process just for "win" of an Obama failure is a sad commentary.

The left button on my mouse is malfunctioning. This is an expensive 9-Button mouse that I fear I cannot find anymore.

The Two Body Solution has managed to draw me in to the gender debate, which doesn't take much since I've been fascinated by gender politics since my late teens. Their site is well composed and thought provoking. Let's add Angry Asian Man to the mix when it comes to racial politics because I feel much the same way as I do about gender politics. I am after all a self-proclaimed gay feminist bleeding heart liberal Buddhist. What do you expect?

Aung San Suu Kyi's extended house arrest is a wound to the world's soul. The thousands in Taiwan injured, killed or still missing from the Typhoon Morakat. Their suffering is our suffering. You should care.

The protests by the people of Iran over a corrupted election is awe inspiring. They are doing everything possible to get the news out to the rest of the world. Thanks to Ann Curry for getting their message out to Twitter Land.

Michael Jackson is still not buried. The oddity of his life continues in his death.

My shoulder has made NO improvement in the last ten days...good thing I'm having surgery. I have been able to keep up my gym regimen despite the injury, and am proud of myself for that. The injury has stopped any metal work, which requires a fair amount of muscling at times. I guess I need to pull out the pastels and focus that creative energy elsewhere.

"Julie and Julia" was wonderful. I totally understand the relationship with Julia Child that comes from working your way through "Mastering the Art of French Cooking". I hear Julia's voice telling me to have confidence every time I flip my omelet.

I'm not studying enough for my licensing exam in October, nor am I able to devote the time and attention I want to my Mandarin studies.

My meditation practice is staying pretty consistent and the positives of this show up in my life in so many ways I won't attempt to list them here. After over 16 years of being a Buddhist, I feel like I'm actually beginning to "get" things now. I understood before in my mind, but now I feel it ooze from my pores. Everything makes sense from here.

There's so much get the idea...who wants to read that much of almost posts?