No. 9

It's Official. My special talent of finding new ways to injury myself continues. Surgery on my right shoulder is forthcoming. It will be my ninth orthopedic surgery and because of the degenerative condition of my right knee I have a guarantee of more to come.

...and yes, I do mark many life events as to whether they were before or after a surgery.

I don't know what it is in my psyche or my body that makes me prone to so many injuries. My athletes mind and heart don't allow me to relent...not ever. I played almost three years of college basketball without an ACL in my right knee. Each day of practice during that time I donned a t-shirt with the phrase "Never Give Up" on it. I never did. My right knee did. It could no longer bear weight in some ranges because of a huge bone chip off the end of my femur.

Some have been mundane little incidences and others have been rather spectacular. Flying over the handlebars of my mountain bike ranks at the top.

I've been extraordinarily fortunate in that I have always had health insurance when I needed surgery. Given the large gaps during my 30's when I had little or no coverage, the timing of my injuries has been pretty good. I also have had access to some of the best doctors in the US. A long-standing team physician to many Dallas pro teams, a doctor for the Women's Olympic Team, and now the Doc who does the shoulder surgeries for the Florida Marlins.

I finally typed a list to take with me to the doctor because it just takes too long to write it all down and the dates have become muddled over the years.