Snappy Din Din

I've been waiting all day to go see YaYa, the owner of my favorite Thai restaurant in South Florida. There are fancier places, but no one makes it better. I knew before I left home that I was going to order the whole fried fish. Someone ordered it last week when I was there and it looked divine. I go through her menu and try as many different things as possible and often let YaYa choose for me. Her chef knows I like things very spicy and will make it truly Thai Hot when she knows the order if for me. They had whole fresh snapper today and I ordered it with volcano sauce. (Sorry the quality of the picture is not better, I only had my last generation Palm Treo with me. )

Let's just say I ate everything that I could chew., fins, tail, etc. This was what was left.

YaYa...true to form brought me Pa Thong Ko (Thai Donuts) as a free dessert. She also continues to give me a 10% discount on my bill. She and I have a little dance about that. She gives me the discount and I make up the difference in my tip. We've been doing this for many months now, and I eat there almost every week.

Come to South Florida and I'll be happy to take you there!