Day 11 - True Family

I've given props to my friends that carted me about after my surgery. One person not included in that was my neighbor, Linda. I use "neighbor" but the truth is that Linda is family and she deserves a special prop dedicated to just her.

I spend most holidays with her and her clan...often enough that they ask if I'm coming. Linda gives Moseby treats in the morning...he goes nuts when he sees her. He bounds up and down and bark/cries until she comes outside. Linda is the true Big Sis I never had. I know that Linda will be there whenever I need. She'll take me in a feed me and let me cry on her shoulder. She loves me for who I am and I am beyond blessed to have her next door.

Linda filled in the gaps after my surgery and was just there for me in a dozen little ways. Thank you Linda for being a great friend and my Big Sis. Love you!