Day 8 - A Little Physical Therapy

Three times a week I go for physical therapy where Mateo very gently moves my arm in order to regain my range of motion. I'm not allowed to move my arm myself...passive movement only. Mateo is a sweet gentle spirit and a very good match up for me.

Good thing I'm a Lesbian or I would be seriously crushing on his gorgeous self.

...anyway the process is not much fun, but we hit goal milestone for today when he was able to lift my arm to 90 degrees from my side.

He knows to check in with me about the pain because I will take whatever. I don't emote pain. I don't grimace or moan. All he gets from me is, "Yep, I feel that or it's sharp right there." In a weird way I look forward to these sessions. Each one brings progress and Mateo is the only real witness to the steps along the way.