Day 30 - MoMA

Friday was my first full day in New York City.  I got up and ate breakfast with JuWanda and adjusted to the chaos of two toddlers first thing in the morning.  The kids were great fun and I miss their noise today. 

I took the subway into the city to go to the Museum of Modern Art.  It is always exciting for me to actually see so much of the art work I "know", and I've not bee able to make this stop on previous NYC trips.  It starts to be a bit like a drug for me. seeing all this work that has clearly shaped my own art.  I don't really emulate any particular artist, but I can see the roots of how I can be doing the work that I do because of what came before me.

I attempted to utilize my camera as part of my Left-Handed Series, and found it completely frustrating.  I cannot let go in the way that I am able to with the pastels.   My photography is not abstract...never has been. I couldn't get a single in focus shot all day and abandoned the idea by mid-day on Saturday.

These are the only things I have and I am still debating what my thoughts are about them.  (The rest of the Left-Handed Photography just sucks.) This lovely pregnant woman was wearing a fitted grid dress which was quite interesting with her shape. I tried to let go of the focus/steady issue and see what happened.  Though these may hold some interest, I think the in focus view of her was much better, much more interesting. The top image might be better rotated 90 degrees.

I did take some pictures with my Holga camera that day and will see what has happened once the film is developed.  I also may post some photos from my trip, but they will not be part of the Left-Handed Series.