Day 43 - Chaos

I did this a couple of days ago as a quick break between study sessions.  I feel certain I will not pass this licensing exam.  I will just say the $400+ of study materials I purchased were worthless.  They were useful for about 10% of the problems. Kind of pissed about the time spent focusing on the wrong direction.  Lot's of problems I could have worked if I had prepared for that direction.  Other than additional study time, the stress of another exam, I am most annoyed at the $500 it will cost for a retake. I will also say that eight hours of exam intensity had my shoulder a throbbing mess by day's end.

...anyway this piece is called "Chaos" because that is what it felt like studying. There were 1,000 different topics in a 1,000 different directions all swimming in my head.  I'm still a little lost working with the black paper, but I am okay with this.  I think the Left-Handed work will continue for another week and may have a transition to Two-Handed work for a little time too.  It is unfortunate with so much time off that my shoulder will not be ready for any significant metal work.