Day 49 - Final Day of Left Handed Series

I think this will be the last of the work done in my left-handed series.  I have enough use of my right arm to return to using it creatively.  The best part of this exercise in working with my left hand, my non-dominant hand is doing regular work.  Having a steady creative flow has been rewarding in of itself.  I've been pleasantly surprised in that I have several pieces I actually like as well.  I also don't think my left hand will be an idle bystander any longer.
I think the painting endeavor will continue.  I committed to a larger than normal canvas today.  A benefit of my NYC trip and all the art museum time.  I realized one of my frustrations with painting is that I may not be working in large enough dimensions.  There is a physicality to my art, which is why I'm so attracted to metal work. Add the extension of a paint brush to my arm and I simply need ample space for things to flow.  A small epiphany for me. 
Speaking of metal work...I have my next metal piece worked out.  I just have to wait until my arm is strong enough to start building.  A couple of months at least.  I'll credit the creative flow from my left handed work for allowing the composition to come together over the last few days. 
More art to come...either hand may apply.