Group of 5

A little something I did this morning.  I stumbled across this frame last night when I was looking for something else stored under my bed.  Four of the five were done as a single piece and then rearranged.  The lack of money for canvasses has turned out to be a good thing.  I am rummaging for materials in my garage and elsewhere.  Non-traditional materials and shapes are forcing me to think/work in different directions which is always a good thing creatively...even when it doesn't work.
I also have two small sculptures that are going through finishing stages.  One of these was the failed attempt during the Left-Handed Series.  I rescued it last week.  Pictures coming soon.  I am also working on getting/selecting a piece for a December show.  After that I will spend some time prepping other pieces for a gallery in Fort Lauderdale who is interested in showing/selling my work.  Very excited about these little developments!
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