After my infection drawing I thought something a little prettier was in order.  I've titled this "Connection" which has no correlation to my infection that had not gone full scale when I did this after Thanksgiving.  This was driven by thoughts of connecting with a dear friend.  I won't say much beyond that because I prefer the individual viewer to have their own experience.
As an update, my infection is doing much better.  I still have noticeable swelling and several more days for it to clear, but things took a decided turn for the better last night.  With that I was able to let my company know that I could fly to Texas for a couple of days to take care of some work related to Hurricane Ike.  These are jobs that present the challenge of trying to determine what happened when the structure is no longer present.  I'm usually so busy locally that they can't send me to do disaster work, but since I just returned to work last week, I have a very low inventory of assignments. 
I agree with geek who commented, "You seem to be having a good time in going to the doctor." It has been a weird few months of injuries and infections.  Ironic that I am so meticulous about form when I lift weights and yet I blow my shoulder (which is doing very well) while lifting.  I am also very diligent about washing my face and caring for my skin and yet I get a truly nasty and serious bacterial infection on my face.  More little tidbits to place in my life anecdotes file.  I now have a new story for when the conversation turns to things grotesque. 
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