Guitarist & Drummer

"Guitarist" - Pastel on Board (9x12)
There have been several iterations of this over the years that originated from a very rough charcoal sketch over 20 years ago.  Sometimes its a guitar and inothers its a violin, but the underlying image is the same.  I posted this on my Facebook fan page and a friend suggest I do a drummer. 
"Drummer" Pastel on Paper (12x16)
This is the first iteration of a drummer.  I'm certain there will be more & it should be fun to see how these change/evolve.  My friend loved it, which was as rewarding as the process of creating the "Drummer."
I've entered a couple new juried exhibits.  One is in Fort Lauderdale and only open to Florida residents.  The other is based out of New York.  It would be great to win, but I will be pretty happy to be selected for the exhibit portion.  I'll keep you posted.
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