Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday and for your own entertainment I thought I would share my morning text dialogue with a good friend, Kate.
Kate: Happy fucking birthday, ok?
Me: Ok, damn it!
Kate: You better enjoy it...or else..
Me: Ooooooooohh. Scared of you.
Kate: Dude. U oughta be. I been doing my chaturangas.
Me: I see the headlines now. "Middle aged woman killed by pushups."
Kate: Lol! Me or u? What r u now, like 57 or something?
Me: 44 is half of 88 seems like the middle. "Killer found collapsed & exhausted next to the body."
Kate: LOL!!

It's good to have friends that get you. I'm making my favorite cake, a Reine de Saba, which is a dark chocolate almond cake with a chocolate butter cream icing. If you watched Julie and Julia you may remember the scene where they take their first bite of this cake. That swoon happens to me every time.

Later tonight I will meet Kate to go see "Undershorts" which is the R-Rated portion of the City Theatre's Festival of Shorts.  I've been to the regular program before, but this is a first for the Undershorts segment. We hope to meet up after wards for a little dinner and drinks with her partner, who returns today from an out of town trip. Have a great day everyone.  ©2010 Cindy K. Shaw All rights reserved