Oil on Wood (40x48)
This has been going through various stages and was actually prepped before my move way back in May. All I can say is I didn't know what direction it would go until I got there. It's a larger scale which is much much better for me and the first painting that really ties in with some of the pastel work I've done.

The day was a trying one and the painting turned in that direction. Things are ending on a much higher note than the start. Getting some good creative time always helps too. I'm trying to get things in order and reset my priorities so I can better follow through with some personal goals. Most of which revolve around my art in some way.  In the end, it's a take back my life objective. 

I'll post pics and such from my NYC trip in the next couple of days. I had a great time all round.  Michelle Krusiec rocked it out in her performance of "Made in Taiwan" and a big congrats to her for getting an encore run of four additional shows!!  It is always great to hang with my friend, JuWanda, and to see her little urchins.  Had some great meet ups with a couple of others while in town too.  ©2010 Cindy K. Shaw All rights reserved