Returning to My Roots

Paint Brush
One of those necessary evils of painting is taking the time to thoroughly clean my brushes from time to time. I liked the way they looked all lined up in the dish drain. Actually my afternoon was spent going through photographs and printing several of them.
I've been slowly easing back into doing more photography.  My roots are in film photography and I still have some adjusting and a lot of learning to do in the digital realm. I'm experimenting with subject matter from what I've typically done in years past, which was mostly people like the shot below. We'll see what happens.
Lester Jackson
My art degree was in photography so it's kind of funny that my focus over the last few years has been painting and doing metal work.  It took me a long time to make peace with the fact that I don't stay within a single let go of the ideal that I am on thing or another.  So among other things, you'll see more photography from me in the coming months.  The painting is continuing, but sometimes I have to wait for them to dry before continuing work. Other things should be happening in the down time. 

Entry into the Featured Exhibit Space
On other fronts, I was the featured artist at Gallery101 in Fort Lauderdale for this month's Art Walk event and received very positive feedback from so many directions.  It was quite the confidence booster. I can use the practice in talking to people about my work, something I find very uncomfortable much of the time.
Inside the Feature Space
There were 25 pieces up from small metal pieces to pastels and paintings.  After we had it all up and ready I realized that all but four were works completed since October 2009.   The more I thought about it, I realized that I have around 20 more showable/sellable pieces that were also completed during the last year.  Taking stock of what I've been doing was something of an "ah ha" moment.  Sometimes I get a little frustrated thinking that I'm not working consistently enough.  I made a commitment last year to make my art my primary focus and I think I'm succeeding on that front.  Now, I need to work harder at getting my work shown in a greater variety of venues and selling more.  ©2010 Cindy K. Shaw All Rights Reserved