Sketchy Connection

As luck would have it one of my blogger buddies, Lynn Chen, approached me a while back about doing a sketch for her. She wanted to launch a product line to help promote her The Actor's Diet food blog.  Needless to say I was flattered to be asked and even more flattered that she wanted to use my drawing.  I highly recommend taking a visit to Lynn's blog. It's a no nonsense approach to healthy balanced eating and an extraordinarily open and honest dialogue about Lynn's past eating disorder battles. It is refreshing to hear someone talk so openly about how events and stresses are known triggers and how she deals with them today. You'll also get a taste of what life is like for a typical actor.   

She is incredibly sweet and damn funny much of the time. Did I mention you should visit her blog? While you are there stop off at her store and buy something. You'll get a little bit of my artwork in the process. 

If that was not enough to confirm her awesomeness, I had a box filled with my favorite cookies from Kizito Cookies delivered to my doorstep.  She remembered I had mentioned them months ago in one of my comments. Such a kind generous gesture.  Big Big Big Thank you to Lynn!! You are fantastic! 
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