Art is Ugly

"Angry Bitch" Mixed Media on Board (12x12)
Not all art is good. Not all art is pretty. Sometimes it just is. You can let it live or you can toss it out.  Who knows what the fate of this piece will be.  I surely don't. 

If you're interested, click read more to see the text:

After a year + 5 I’ve been granted reprieve. 

A quick right then left from desperation to redemption. 
A light at the end of the tunnel and I wonder…if…I am…
The punchline for the oncoming train.  

First elation…disbelief and then…Relief
But now? ANGER. Like I skipped my Kubler-Ross. 
A grief incomplete
A redemption not so…sweet. 
More like sellout than salvation…
A bargain with the devil to fill my belly and roof my head
Doing my best Penelope Pitstop across the tracks of acceptable life. 
Acquiescing to the left brain ego that counts 1...2...3...
Calculating rate of change on the exponent of my lost nerve.  

So now…ANGER…a rage at my inner soul…my weak resolve.
Another working stiff doing my best Temple Grandin elliptic…
Stepping…stepping peacefully to a stun and slit throat. 
Fuck. Fuck me. Off to work I go. ©2011 Cindy K. Shaw All Rights Reserved