Film is Dead

Funny thing happened as I began uploading photographs to this site. I kept looking at my film images, some of which were shot long ago with a basic 35mm camera, and had this recurring feeling that I just preferred these to digital. Yeah, I know all the debates...Film is dead. Digital has its place and I shoot lots of digital, but I was missing something that came with film. I was missing that thoughtful, deliberate shooting. 

I got rid of my film gear many years ago, which meant I had to start from scratch. My first choice became a rangefinder. This Leica (Minolta) CL, the poor man's (woman's) Leica, and my fave TriX film all went out for the first time a week ago. I'm adjusting to focusing again, to checking my metering, to slowing down until I have a shot. No firing away, just composing and shoot. 

It may be a couple of weeks before I develop the first shots. My guess is that I'm going to have a whole lotta crap before I start to get in the flow. Regardless, I'm enjoying walking about and finding my way.