Day 20 - Some Days Just Suck

It's been a challenging day in part because I spent the day dealing various crap instead of what I needed to be doing. The remainder was because I was informed that my understanding of how my short-term disability and my personal leave time worked was incorrect. I also learned that the words simultaneously and concurrent actually mean either/or. Had I know that underlying definition used only by our HR manager, I would have been prepared that my leave mandated by my company would be costing me as much as $2,000 in take home salary. Hopefully it will be less...depends on when my doctor releases me to a level my company will accept.

So I had my freak out/break down session this afternoon. I think that is the artist part of my brain that jumps into gear first. My friend John lets me blither on in this state because he knows it just needs to come out. This is always followed by the problem solving engineer side, which is where I am entering now. The second phase was jump started by my friend Xiaoyan who has the ability to say the right thing in a way I can openly receive it. She somehow has the talent of delivering the moment when I can exhale. Amazing!

So today's Left-Handed effort was a response to my sucky day.