Day 22 and Day 23

There was no Day 21...ashame I didn't mark my three week point with some work, but it just wasn't in me. This one is Day 22. I think it is overworked, but like it more now than when I first finished it. It may be a little of the stress from my icky news earlier in the week trying to find its way out. I also think it may be related to the gray paper. That underlying tone is affecting me in some way.
This is Day It is an interesting exercise working with different shaped paper. This is a relatively small square pad I bought today, which was a deliberate attempt to switch things up for me. Things are going very well with my shoulder recovery. I continue to be way ahead of schedule with my range of motion and the daily exercises are going well. Some of the intense fatigue I was experiencing last week seems to have lifted.

Regardless of all that is going on in my egocentric shoulder focused life, the people in the Philippines, Vietnam and Samoa have been slammed by storms this past week. The death toll in Indonesia is rising from the earthquake there. A lot of suffering in the world. So many loved ones lost. So many others having to start from nothing. My problems are small...very small.