Happy 2011 - "Third Eye"

Ringing in the New Year with my paint brush in hand.  I've been working on something for the last month that has turned out to be a bit of an ordeal.  I had started a piece months ago and set it aside as I worked on other things.  When I returned to it, disaster befell the effort.  I've spent the last few weeks trying to rescue my mess.  I'm happy with my progress and hope to post it by the end of this month.  As the paint became too wet to continue working, I turned to the pastels late in the day yesterday.  Here's the first pastel piece of 2011.   
"Third Eye" Pastel on Paper (12x16)
I'm feeling a shift in what's happening with the pastels and am trying some new things. I do consider this the beginning of a transition for me, and I'm deciding if I actually like it or not.

There is prospect of employment and an actual paycheck later this month.  None too soon. My bank accounts are essentially empty. Almost nine months of unemployment have taken their toll. There may be some long term positive change on the work forefront as well. You'll know more when I do. 

Despite the financial disaster that came with 2010, I had a good year overall. I worked continuously on my art and had some really great response to my work including a few sales. I made some great new friends during the year and got a little taste of something that may lead to a whole new career direction. In the end, I have to say that 2010 was a pretty damn good year. For now, I hope everyone has had a Happy New Year and is ready to dive in and take a big giant bite out of 2011. 

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