Set of 9

This group of paintings is one is nine is ten.  They were painting as a single painting…One. 
Set of 9
 Each of the individual 6x6 quads also had to be worked as a single painting…Nine. 

One plus Nine = Ten.  This painting took me forever.  First because I’ve had several interruptions.  And second, because in the end it is actually ten paintings.  It’s only fair to say that the original painting, the One, started out to be something very different.  That wrong turn took another wrong turn, and yet another which left me with a hot mess to clean up.  

One of 9

Two of 9

Getting the mess to something workable to a point of recovery took several difficult two to three hour sessions.  A lot of work for what is a very small scale set of even smaller pieces.  It was from this point that the real painting began.  Where it took on its own energy and was less about anything I wanted and felt and more about the direction the painting, the form and space dictated.  I don’t often work from a purely structural point of view.  Most often there is a underlying emotive state of mind or a very clear topic or idea behind the work.  But the exercise of making a painting and working out the details just because of how form and balance dictate does occur.  Here’s the result of that journey.  ©2011 Cindy K. Shaw All Rights Reserved

Three of 9

Four of 9

Five of 9 

Six of 9 

Seven of 9 

Eight of  9
Nine of 9